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Ammonium Bicarbonate

The Baker’s Ammonia or Salt of Hartshorn

Ammonium Bicarbonate (NH4HCO3) is white powder that is widely used in the bakery industry as a leavening agent. It is the bicarbonate salt of ammonium ions and degrades to carbon dioxide, water, and ammonia when heated. Ammonium bicarbonate leaves no residue when decomposed by heat, unlike sodium bicarbonate that leaves a residue of alkaline sodium carbonate which affects the pH of the baked product.

Ammonium Bicarbonate


Ammonium Bicarbonate is mainly used for baking low-moisture products such as biscuits, crackers, cookies, and waffle cones. It increases batter and dough volume in baked goods as it releases carbon dioxide, ammonia, and water vapor when heated to 60°C. Ammonium bicarbonate provides the baked good a light, airy, crispy, and fluffy texture.

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